Richmond Family Doctors

Oct 23, 2017


Richmond Family Doctors

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Assessment of Patients

Richmond family doctor offers comprehensive medical services for patients of all ages, from newborn babies to the elderly patients. The Richmond family doctors comprehensively assesses the health issues of their patients and takes preventive measures. The doctor treats the patients as a whole and not just the illness at that time. The Richmond family doctor provides personalized healthcare services paying attention to disease prevention and health preservation. The Richmond family doctor will always be compassionate while providing care for any member of the household. The Richmond family doctor is medical personnel who has empathy for the patient and will always handle the patients with ultimate care. The doctor’s aim at a holistic mechanism to the medication provided to their patients.
Many factors may contribute to the deterioration of a patient’s health. The issues may originate from psychological problems, a family having a history of a genetic health problem and social issues. The doctor also tries to study the daily lifestyle of the patient. The Richmond family doctor who is friendly to their patients carefully studies the health condition and the feedback they get from the patient to determine the cause of the problem. To ensure the approach of prescribing medication is holistic, the Richmond family doctor integrates psychological factors and biochemical with the cultural values, spiritual beliefs and society norms of the patients.

Health Education

Going by the saying prevention is better than cure, the Richmond family doctor puts the health of their patients first. The doctor usually provides their patients with health education. The health campaign is to advocate for better lifestyle choices that the patient should make to improve the condition of their health or avoid future health complications. The education further extends to how a patient should take care of themselves if they have been diagnosed with a particular illness.

Relationship with Patients

The Richmond Family doctor relationship with the patient does not end after the consultation service is over. The aim is to have a process that is patient focused. The journey of the Richmond family doctor and the patient usually has a coordinated care that is given to the patient. The doctor makes a follow up on the health progress of the patient until they are confident the patient is well. The result is a long term relationship between the two parties. At times, the Richmond family doctor pays a visit to the residential homes of their patient to monitor their progress.